DIETDesign Impact Evaluation Tactic

Empowering design teams to do their best work

Getting started

Teams using DIET answer key questions which gives a score of the team's confidence at 3 key stages of a project.

The 3 scoring stages

  1. Strategy when you first hear about the project
  2. Problem once you have completed your research into the problem space
  3. Solution when you have designed and tested your solution

DIET starter pack

To get started with DIET you'll need a copy of our DIET score Google Sheet to record your scores. Then you can then start with scoring the strategy.

Benefits of DIET

Before DIET:

After DIET:

Who is DIET for?

DIET has been designed for larger companies with multiple teams and products. DIET can be used by just the design team (Interaction Designer, Content Designer, Researcher) or the wider team including Product, BAs, Developers, Delivery Managers, Project Managers.

Whats is the theory behind DIET?

Find out more about the theory behind DIET

DIET is an experimental project by Co-op Digital

If you have feedback or would like to help us develop DIET further please contact

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